Week 1


After a weeks holiday in Alice Springs, I am trying to find the motivation to get back into university mode! It is a little hard after such an amazing time exploring Uluru and Kings Canyon. What was interesting though, was surviving with limited phone and internet reception. My boys were a little disappointed they didn’t have WIFI at our accommodation! They weren’t the only ones. While I was checking in, one unhappy camper was getting quite upset that there was no WIFI access (or TV) at the resort. There was really nothing that could be done about it, we were in the middle of nowhere! I must admit that I felt a little lost when we lost phone reception. It made me think, when did we become so reliant on personal technology? I really cannot pinpoint an exact time. Since my children were little, they seemed to have the latest and greatest gadgets from Leapfrog Leap pads, PsP’s, the Nintendo DSi, iPods and now to iPads. Growing up, I can remember playing Donkey Kong on the Nintendo and we only had one TV channel!

What is this access to ICT doing to us as human beings? Is it making us lazy? Just as I type this I rely on spell check to fix my spelling mistakes! How many times do you hear people say, “just google it” in order to find the answer to a question? On the other hand, we now have access to limitless information at just the click of a button. Through technological advances, we are able to work smarter and faster than ever before.

While it felt strange, it was good for all of us to take a break from our smart phones and iPads and just appreciate the amazing country we live in. Now that we have WIFI back, it’s time to navigate my way around the study desk. This new format might take some getting used to.




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Welcome to my EDC3100 blog. My name is Tracy and I am in currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). This semester I have enrolled in three subjects: EDE4010, SPE3002 and EDC3100. Working, studying and having a family is going make for a very busy semester! However, the hard work will hopefully pay off, as I will have only 4 subjects left to complete next year. So close! Let the semester begin…

First blog post

Well, the learning begins. I have managed to set up my first blog and create Feedly and Diigo accounts. I have to admit, I had no idea what Feedly and Diigo were! Lucky enough, the setup instructions were quite straightforward and I am now ready to go. I am actually excited at the opportunity to learn and share information with my peers.