First week of placement

My first week of my placement is complete. I have a lovely little Kindergarten class at a small school. All week I have planned the 2-hour literacy block that includes reading groups, writing, spelling, sounds and sight words. It has been challenging, but a lot of fun. I have only incorporated small amounts of ICT at this stage. I have the interactive whiteboard and four ipads to use at the moment. I plan to use the ipads during reading groups, that way each student will have the opportunity to use them. My challenge is to now come up with an activity that students can do in 10-minute blocks. I was thinking of using book creator as we are really focusing on writing this term. The interactive whiteboard has been temperamental this week and I have had to adjust my lessons accordingly. It is quite frustrating, but not a lot I can do about that. Let’s hope I have more luck with it next week.


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