Assignment Two Reflection

Well assignment two results are back and unfortunately my results weren’t as good as I had hoped. I really am kicking myself for missing simple elements in the task sheet. I am usually pretty good at making sure that I read through the rubric before I submit an assignment, obviously this time round I was not as thorough in that process. Live and learn I guess. Lucky my assignment one results were excellent so unless I completely fail assignment three, I should easily pass the course.

Onto the final assignment and I have chosen to use for my website. It is quite a finicky process but I love the challenge and it is much more my style than essay writing. So far I am pretty much sticking with my original ideas from assignments 1 and 2, although I am making slight adjustments my learning experiences. My plan is to incorporate the following applications into my learning experiences:

  • Scribble Maps
  • Google Earth
  • Google Maps
  • Interactive Timeline
  • Popplet


52 Stairs Studio Inc. (2017). Scribble Maps [Computer Software] Retrieved from

Notion, Inc. (2013). Popplet [Computer software]. Retrieved from

ReadWriteThink. (2017). Timeline [Computer software]. Retrieved from, Inc (2017). Retrieved from


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