Are we neglecting digital citizenship?

According to the article 8 digital life skills all children need – and a plan for teaching them, it appears that digital citizenship is often one area that tends to be overlooked. While using technology to enhance and transform learning as we have been learning to do during EDC3100, I hadn’t given much thought (in my lesson plan) to ensure that students had the capacity to safely use ICT in the classroom. With placement impending and the requirement to use ICT in the classroom, I have conducted some research to teaching digital citizenship to students.

I have located the following resources:

Digital citizenship (Department of Education, 2011)  has developed a website that includes games, videos and learning activities targeted at teaching safety online.

Teaching Digital Citizenship (Cable Impacts, 2014) has free lessons that teach the concept of digital citizenship to students in years 4 to 8.

Classroom Resources (Commonwealth of Australia, 2017) has classroom resources and lesson plans for primary and secondary classrooms.


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