Mind mapping software

The unit I was developing during this course was for the knowledge and understanding strand in the key learning area of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS). Focusing on geography, I decided that students would be given the task of researching a natural or man made feature in Australia. I wanted students to develop a mind map that would require them to think critically about the information they collected, how they would organise their ideas and to consider the relationships between concepts. Mind maps pose as an effective assessment tool that makes learning visible, builds on prior knowledge and contributes to an increase in commitment and motivation towards learning (Buldu & Buldu, 2010).

When deciding on the software that students would use I considered using Bubbl.us that I used to develop the concept map during this course. While I found it easy to use, I didn’t like that you were unable to add images to it. I really wanted to students to have the opportunity to add photos, maps and images from Google Earth. I came across Popplet.com. Bingo! It was just what I was looking for. Not only was it easy to use, you can add images and videos to really visualise learning. Students would be able to create a free account that enables them to generate 10 free Popplets.

After engaging with my fellow students blogs, I have read a great post on Mind maps from Engaged in Education. The author has included a list of free mind mapping software that I will have to explore!


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