Learning.21st Century. Snapshot

While working on assignment one I have come across some fantastic resources that can be used in the classroom. It really has opened my eyes up to the plethora of resources available that extend beyond using technology as a replacement to teacher instruction. One resource I have found is the website Learning.21st Century. Snapshot. It is full (and I mean full) of ideas to incorporate technologies in the classroom. It is a one stop website that teachers can use to access a range of apps and web tools that cover all areas of the curriculum! In addition, the creator also has a Facebook page that teachers can join. I cannot guarantee that this will save you time as you search through all the resources available! Although, having them all in the one location makes them easy to access and they are organised into categories.


Tancred, S (n d). Learning.21st Century. Snapshot. Retrieved from http://snapshot-21stcentury-learning.weebly.com/new-curriculum.html





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