ICT do or ICT don’t?

This week I have been considering the use of ICT in the classroom and when is it appropriate to incorporate into lessons. Do we, as teachers, incorporate ICT just so we can say that we use technology in the classroom? If so, then what is the point? What do we learn from that? What do the students get out of it? When I consider that time factor associated with using ICT, it doesn’t always save us time. Problems with technology can sometimes take a long time to resolve and I have seen teachers abandon lessons altogether because of issues with the software or hardware. This is where I think the RAT [Replacement, Amplification, Transformation) Model (Hughes, 2010) is great. Using the model, teachers can evaluate the effectiveness of incorporating ICT into a lesson. They are able to determine if the ICT is actually used as a replacement, or if learning is amplified or transformed in some way. Unless there is a benefit to the students and/or teacher, should we be using technology at all? I believe that we really need to think about what we are trying to achieve and not just use technology for the sake of it. I have found this short you tube clip that talks about the RAT Model that I found helpful.

The RAT Technology Integration Model:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDGsLoahDDM


Hughes, J. (2010). R.A.T. Model. Retrieved from http://techedges.org/r-a-t-model/

Yang, K (2006, December 18). The RAT Technology Integration Model [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDGsLoahDDM



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